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Give Me Death By Heavy Metal!

by Arkham Witch

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Lute FP I know these guys have come across my feed in the past, but for whatever reason this release struck the buy nerve. The riffs are pure 80s thrash worship, and they get it right. 80s Bay Area thrash is an art rarely mastered, and even a good effort is worth my money. I can’t say yet where this lands, but they got my money...

Pop quiz- who knows where Bay Area Thrash was?

Post: In reviewing their past catalog, it’s evident the production and songwriting are perfected on this release.
Arkham Witch 06:08
Odin’s rules Valhalla Thor is by his side Loki spreads his mischief Wherever Freya’s love resides But down here man, It’s just beer and bullet belts! Crushing kings before Them Laying giant’s low Thunder into battle Through the blood and snow But down here man its… The sound of death and doom shall rise to fill the hall We children of mist and time shall come to hear the call The beer transforms to mead in amber lunacy And a hundred souls transcend the thrall of this machine And as we raise the horns for the old one to appear To the gods of rock n roll we give a mighty cheer Electric consciousness – the fundamental drive And when the thunder breaks you know that you’re alive! Metal be thy Master Metal be thy might Metal be the power That we wield tonight So it’s not just Beer and bullet belts!
I'm not sleeping Before my time Will not go gently Into that good night. Give me Death by Heavy Metal Die with my boots on Into the fray Until that time Sing as I slay Give me death by Heavy Metal!
Demons ride for your soul The Wizard’s will takes control Just outside as the lions writhe Under the dusk of the twilit sky Evil times Forces clash That could reduce the world to ash In the Tower of the Elephant The power of a god is spent. To this place Conan comes Sword in hand and a thirst for doom IHe shall steal The heart of death And honour the oaths Born on drunken breath In the Tower of the Elephant Death’s bejewelled tower of the Elephant Yag Kosha rise The wizard’s yell And breaks at last the evil spell Deep above as the cosmos drifts Yag Kosha gives his final gift How strange this tower It seems to sway Then by cosmic will Is swept away! Conan stands in the shining shards And leaves this tale For the songs of bards


Bass: Klankenstein
Guitar: Aldo Delle Rose
Drums: Emily Ningauble
Vocals: Dave Sustain
Written by Rusty and Aldo
Recorded by Kurt Wood
Photos by Hobo Tom


released June 3, 2022




Arkham Witch UK

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